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Browser Chromatography Software

Download the software:

Browser chromatography software

Browser chromatography software for PDA data exported by LCsolution software

Demo Browser chromatography software for PDA data exported by LCsolution software

This software is written in javascript programming language and intended to work with chromatogram data. Some chromatography software are licensed for one installation only, but can export their data as a text files. So, to work with their data, scientists have to be at lab. With this software it is possible to explore exported chromatogram on any computer, driven by any operating system. You don't need to install anything on your device. Standard internet browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safary, IE, that is all you need to work with chromatograms. Of course, javascript must be allowed.

To work with chromatogram, export it as text file, copy signal data from it and paste it into text input area. Press button "All". All graph will be shown. If you want to overlay graphs add at the end "+" and paste another data. Graphs will be overlayed. It is possible to select and enlarge interesting area with mouse pointer.

Fill out sample description at the top of the graph and integrate chromatogram manually. Peak table will apper at the bottom of the graph. It is possible to add any text to peak table. To print chromatogram press "print" button and html page suitable for printing will be generated.

With this software chromatogram is html document and may be saved or put on the internet. When opened it will be shown precisely so, as it was saved.

Manual Peak Integration.

To integrate peaks manually press button "manual" and "+peak". To integrate by tangent press "tangent" button. To split peak press "split" button. Mode will be shown. To delete peaks press button "-peak" and select peaks for deletion. When all peaks are integrated add peaknames in the peaktable. Now html chromatogram is ready to be saved.

Pack data

To spare disk space and facilitate chromatogram opening, pack data. To pack data press button "pack data" and safe the page.

When using Firefox for Android.

To enlarge: keep one finger on the graph and select with another finger interesting area. To integrate peaks manually move pointer with finger and put mark with button "mark".

Data format: absciss separator ordinate. Comma, space or tabulation symbol may be used as separator. Header and footer information should be deleted.